• NL Rig Equipment of Houston has prepared a fact sheet illustrating and describing the new Shaffer Multi-Ram™ multiple-size rams.

    The new rams are designed to close and seal on drill pipe from 31,/, to 5 inches in diameter, making Multi-Ram rams especially useful in situations in which a tapered string is employed. These rams are said to save drilling time and costs because they make ram change-out unnecessary.

    The variable Multi-Ram fit is accomplished through the use of unique ram rubbers with moldedin steel segments. As hydraulic pressure increases, the segments move radially inward, decreasing the bore size and ensuring a reliable seal. In addition, the new rams use standard ram holders and r e t a i n i n g screws, which makes them interchangeable with regular rams in Shaffer blowout preventers.

    NL Rig Equipment/NL Industries, Inc. manufactures, sells and services drilling and production equipment worldwide for the oil industry.

    For a free copy of the new fact sheet, write to Dave Wilkinson, NL Rig Equipment, Dept. MR, P.O. Box 1473, Houston, Texas, 77001.

  • Repair of the guided-missile frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts entailed a massive lifting exercise in which twenty 100-ton aluminum hydraulic rams operating at 10,000 psi were systematically applied to raise the damaged stern of the 3,700-ton vessel to its normal position. Bath Iron Works (BIW) of Bath

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  • Standard Horizon announced the new GX2200 Matrix AIS/GPS, now with Class D DSC Fixed Mount VHF with integrated AIS and GPS, 30W PA/Hailer and RAM mic option, available starting January 2014. According to the manufacturer, key features include Integrated AIS and GPS, 4800 and 38400 baud rate selections

  • Goodway Tools Corporation has developed a new Heavy-Duty Ream-A-Matic, Model RAM-2, for cleaning tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, and absorption units. This new model is sturdier for a longer life, and designed to accommodate a new, improved heavy-duty flexible shaft. An optional watertight

  • are encountered. Rucker Shaffer Division, located in Houston, Texas, will manufacture the equipment for delivery in the latter half of this year. Both ram and spherical preventers with high pressure gate valves will foe supplied. Four will be specially treated for high toxic, sour gas drilling conditions

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