Raytheon Marine Introduces A Combination Loran With Raster Scan Plotter

Raytheon has introduced a combination Loran with Raster Scan Plotter. According to the company, Raytheon's new Rayplot 700 and 700L Raster Scan Loran/Plotters make it easy to plot and tract a vessel's location and route on ultrabright, 7-inch electronic charts.

And, the company reports, Rayplot's high-capacity memory cards enhance its electronic charts with land areas "shaded" to clearly differentiate between land and water.

The credit-card-sized ROM or RAM cards (Read Only Memory/ Random Access Memory) slip into the front of the Rayplot display units. ROM Chart Cards (4,000 points of memory) provide electronic charts digitized from NOAA charts. Readily available for all areas having Loran-C coverage, they show shorelines, landmarks, and navigation aids. The RAM Store/ Recall Cards (4,100 point memory capacity) let operators modify and save charts which are customized with event marks, waypoints, and other important navigation data. In addition, an internal memory of 4,100 points consists of four groups of event/destination marks with up to 500 points each, plus 100 points for waypoint memory. Five-year lithium batteries provide memory backup.

The Rayplot is available as a plotter only (Rayplot 70000 or plotter with built-in Loran-C receiver (Rayplot 700L).

Raytheon's Rayplot 700 and 700L have passed Raytheon's tough environmental tests for shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and resistance to corrosion. Installation of these compact units is simple. They can be mounted on table-top, bulkhead or overhead, in any protected area not exposed to rain or water spray. Raytheon offers a two year limited parts warranty with one year free labor from its worldwide service network.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 66,  Sep 1988

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