Pickands Mather Awards $10-Million Conversion Order To Fraser Shipyard

Pickands Mather & Co., Cleveland, Ohio, has announced it will spend more than $10 million to convert the steamship Charles M.

Beeghly to a self-unloader. Pickands Mather, a s u b s i d i a r y of M o o r e M c C o r m a c k Resources, Inc., is operator of The Interlake Steamship Company.

Conversion work on the 806- foot bulk freighter will begin at the end of the 1980 shipping season, and be performed by Fraser Shipyard, Inc., in Superior, Wis.

The project is expected to be completed by April 1981.

The conversion involves installing a conveyor system the length of the ship below its cargo holds.

The conveyor will transport iron ore pellets to an unloading boom which will be installed on the deck, allowing the ship to selfunload without the need for dockside unloading facilities.

David A. Groh, Pickands Mather vice president, marine, said the decision to convert the Beeghly was based largely on the projected increase in self-unloader tonnages the Interlake fleet will carry in the 80s. "Conversion of the Beeghly, along with a similar conversion of the Elton Hoyt 2nd and construction of a new 1,000- foot vessel, will make it possible f o r us to meet our haulage obligations." Mr. Groh noted that the Beeghly conversion will slightly decrease the vessel's 32,000-ton capacity, but that this would be more than offset by additional trips because of shorter turnaround time due to her selfunloading capability.

Elton Hoyt III, PM's president and chief executive officer, said: "Conversion of the Beeghly and Hoyt and construction of our third 1,000-footer is evidence of the confidence we have in the long-term prospects for the Interlake fleet." The Beeghly was built in 1959, and originally c h r i s t e n e d the Shenango II. The vessel was purchased by Pickands Mather in 1967 and renamed in honor of a f o r m e r c h a i r m a n of Jones & Laughlin. Built as a 710-footer, the ship was lengthened to 806 feet in 1972.

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