Riverway Shipyard Completes Rebuilding Of M/V Glen-Karen

The rebuilt 1,800-hp towboat M/V Glen- Karen (formerly the M/V Liberty Bell), shown above, was recently delivered by Riverway Shipyard Co. The M/V Glen-Karen went into the Riverway Harbor Service, St.

Louis division of Riverway Co., as a Lock 26 turn boat.

The M/V Glen-Karen is the first 1,800-hp boat in the growing fleet of Riverway Harbor Service. In August, Riverway acquired the M/V Jonathan-B, a 910-hp boat, and currently they have 13 harbor boats in their fleet.

The M/V Glen-Karen is 80 feet long by 33 feet wide by 10 feet deep in the midbody with a 3-foot shear forward and a 4-foothigh raised deck aft.

The bow rake was completely rebuilt from the headlog back to the collision bulkhead.

The new headlog and corners were built of 3/i-inch plate with %-inch rub-bars welded over the corners. The new towknees and headlog were outfitted with rubber towknees from B-J Marine Products.

The M/V Glen-Karen was previously built with a retractable pilothouse. A new second deck, pilothouse, internal stairs and removable stacks were added by Riverway Shipyard.

The two General Motors turbocharged engines (rebuilt by Western Diesel) are 16V- 149 Detroit Diesels rated at 900 hp at 1,800 rpm. They are operated from both the pilothouse and engine room by WABCO air controls.

The Twin Disc reverse-reduction gears turn the shafts at 7:1 ratio and were also rebuilt by Western Diesel. The new stainless- steel, 4-blade propellers are 76-inch diameter and were fitted to two new tailshafts.

Electric power is derived from two 4-71 Detroit Diesels (rebuilt by Western Diesel) operating at 1,800 rpm driving three-phase, 50-kw Delco generators.

A Tugalert 24-point monitoring and alarm system maintains a constant check on main and auxiliary engines and miscellaneous associated equipment in the engine room.

Deck machinery includes two Beebe electric 40-ton winches and one 1-ton boat hoist.

A St. Louis Ship FAST System LS-2 was installed for treatment of sewage.

Riverway Shipyard has printed a new brochure depicting its activities in new construction, repairs, conversions, and manufacture of barge covers. For further information and free copies of the brochure, Write 24 on Reader Service Card

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 12,  Dec 15, 1980

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