Todd Marine Systems Offers New Brochure On Combustion Technology

A new four-page brochure on the efficient combustion of marine fuels is being offered by Todd Marine Systems, a company that brings to the marine world the amalgamation of combustion technologies from the United States and Europe through the recent merging of Todd Combustion, Inc., F.A. Hughes Marine Ltd., and International Power Chemicals, Inc. The literature states that the merger of expertise from these three companies will now make it possible for marine engineers to optimize the burning of fuels aboard ship, and that Todd Marine Systems has been chartered to bring all the pertinent technology in the Fuel Tech Group to the marine industry.

Of paramount importance to the new company will be the efficient combustion of marine fuels, both in boilers and diesel engines, and to give the marine engineer the tools he needs to handle and burn highpriced, low-quality bunkers. To meet this objective, Todd Marine Systems brings selected expertise on the subject of combustion from their affiliated companies, and this is listed in the brochure specifically as follows: 1. From Todd Combustion, Inc.—the most modern burner systems and components for marine boilers.

2. From F.A. Hughes Marine Ltd.—over 100 years of supplying marine products and services, including antifouling equipment, impressed current cathodic protection, inert gas systems, gas-freeing equipment, tank cleaning equipment, marine pump and pressure sets and marine injectors. More recently they have been at the forefront of technology with the "Emulsa" fuel saver for marine engines.

3. From International Power Chemicals, Inc. (IPC)—innovative advances in the chemical emulsification, catalysis and ash modification of marine fuels. IPC combustion expertise will facilitate the development of modern oil/water emulsification technology.

The publication says that for the first time in the marine industry there is a company that combines real mechanical and chemical knowledge to solve complex fuelburning problems. For boilers, the Todd Combustion burners will be enhanced by F.A. Hughes oil/water emulsifiers and IPC's chemical emulsifiers, catalysts and ash modifiers.

For diesel engines, F.A.

Hughes's oil/water emulsifiers will be maximized by IPC's additives.

Emulsification will be optimized by utilizing both mechanical and chemical techniques. In both cases combustion will be more efficient and complete. Ship operators and owners will benefit from reduced bunker costs. Marine engineers will benefit from easier handling and burning of fuel.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 34,  Dec 15, 1984

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