WABCO Westinghouse Offers Free Booklet On Controls For Ships

WABCO Westinghouse of Hannover, West Germany, is offering a free 34-page booklet titled "Controls for Ships" that gives information and working data on the pneumatic and electric control of marine propulsion systems. The booklet, which is illustrated with drawings, diagrams, tables, photos, etc., is divided into five easy-to-read sections.

Section One is a preface that gives a brief history of the development of pneumatics, mentioning that a special field of application is the pneumatic and electric control of marine propulsion systems, and the WABCO Westinghouse Hanover has a manufacturing program of devices that can solve nearly all problems of control technique, satisfying all requirements of the modern marine plant in technical, functional and economical respect.

Section Two discusses the importance of correct handling and treatment of compressed air to ensure the safe functioning of pneumatic control systems, and gives instructions for filtering, draining, antifreezing, and oiling.

The third section, titled "Remote Control for Marine Propulsion Sys- tems," gives a table of some of the most commonly used propulsion combinations, followed by examples of pneumatic remote control for marine propulsion systems (with diagrams), such as: engine, reversing gear, fixed propeller; two engines, gear set, controllable-pitch propeller; directly reversible engine, fixed propeller (manually operated); directly reversible engine, fixed propeller (automatic operation); and pneumatic clutch control. An example of electric remote control of marine propulsion systems is included (engine, reversing gear, fixed propeller) as well as an example of winch control.

Also dealt with in Section Three are the different problems to be considered in the planning and layout of control systems and the selection of control devices, such as remote control- from several controls; remote control of the engine speed: speed control, fuel control and speed control of multi-engines installations (load balancing); remote control of controllable-pitch propellers; monitoring of speed and direction or rotation of directly reversible diesel engines; and long-distance remote control.

A catalog of devices for remote control systems on ships is given (with drawings) in Section Four, and Section Five contains a list of worldwide representatives of WABCO Westinghouse, with addresses, telephone, and telex numbers.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 16,  Dec 15, 1984

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