Exxon Research Offers To License Computerized Machine Analysis System

Exxon Research and Engineering Company of Florham Park, N.J., is offering under licensing arrangements a new, improved analysis system for determining changes in the mechanical performance of compressors, turbines, and other rotating machinery. The new system utilizes the latest analysis equipment, and employs user-friendly computer programs with expanded diagnostic capability. The licensing package includes computer programs and associated user's manual, a diagnostic manual, and training on how to use the equipment and to analyze the results.

Known as Machinery Signature Analysis (MSA), the technology enables users to monitor and analyze the vibration of turbomachinery to detect and diagnose problems before they become severe. This system helps plant operators avoid unnecessary shutdown, reduces maintenance costs, and improves turn- around planning, resulting in increased production and optimum machinery operation.

The MSA system uses signals from conventional vibration sensors that are mounted on the equipment.

The vibration signals are tape-recorded, conditioned through a Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer to separate key vibratory components, and then fed into a mini-computer for data storage and processing.

The heart of the MSA system is the software that manipulates the raw data, identifies trends and changes in the characteristic vibration pattern of the machinery, and presents the information for condition analysis and problem diagnosis via easy-to-use, computer-generated graphics and tabulations.

All machinery process and vibratory data are stored in the computer's database. New vibratory data are automatically compared with previous data and a summary and analysis is given. The computer flags those machines that have changed since the last analysis.

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