Deck Cannister N o w Offered For Avon Coastline Life Raft

—Literature Available A new fiberglass cannister pack is now available for the Avon Coastline Life Raft, augmenting the soft valise which continues to be offered.

The cannister permits mounting of the Coastline Life Raft on deck or in exposed locations, placements many owners of small sailboats and center-console fishermen have wanted to make.

The valise has been principally intended for stowage inside lockers or within the console.

Avon Coastline was developed for smaller boats and for inshore/coastal navigation. Less expensive than Avon's standard ocean life rafts, Coastline still provides the security of two independent buoyance chambers (each adequate to support the rated capacity of six persons with 3.4 cubic feet/person), lanyard-triggered CO-2 inflation, protective canopy, moderate ballast system to resist overturning and the reassurance of Avon quality and reliability The fiberglass deck cannister adds just 2 pounds to the valise's packed weight to 56 pounds. It is strong enough to be stood on or to withstand impacts from sailing or fishing tackle.

Berwyn hydrostatic releases are optional.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 47,  Dec 1988

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