Si-Tex Introduces Next Generation Electronic Charting System

—Literature Available— The NAV-ADD 3000 is the next generation of electronic charting systems from Si-Tex. It is a substantially upgraded version of the popular NAV-ADD 2000 introduced last year.

You just add the NAV-ADD 3000 to your Loran, Satnav, GPS, Decca or Omega, insert a Digimap cartridge and you have a bright visual display of your position on an electronic video chart.

Show the NAV-ADD 3000 where you want to go with a cursor on the screen and at the touch of a button, it will plot the most direct course to any point on the chart from your present position. A Dynamic Status Window digitally displays your present position Lat/Lon coordinates, speed and course over ground, range bearing and time-to-go to your selected waypoint. Navigation page displays your selected waypoint coordinates, leg distances, total distance from starting point, true headings, compass headings and total time to go.

As you travel to your waypoints, the NAV-ADD 3000 will automatically update your position on the chart, pan and scroll the chart to keep your vessel within the display, indicate any cross-track error and your position relative to land. It can even drive your autopilot to your destination via NMEA 0180 interface.

Utilizing a full 16-bit central processing unit, the NAV-ADD 3000 offers a plotting capacity of up to 2,800 nautical miles of track, 10 independent tracks, 280 waypoints and 50 event markers.

As a word of caution, the Si-Tex NAV-ADD 3000 Electronic Charting System and Digimap charts are not designed to replace your standard NOAA navigation charts. Any electronic navigation device should be operated along with the prudent use of reliable manual backup material.

For more information on the new NAV-ADD 3000 from Si-Tex, C i r c l e 2 4 on Reader S e r v i c e Card

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