Finnyards Receives 2nd $130 Million Multipurpose Icebreaker Order

Finnyards, Ltd., of Rauma, Finland, has received a FIM (Finnish Mark) 560 million ($130 million) order from the Finnish National Board of Navigation for a second 116-meter (381-foot) long, 26-meter breadth (85.3-feet) multipurpose icebreaker to be delivered in early 1994.

This ship and its sistership ordered in October 1991 represent a completely new design of multipurpose icebreaker. The hull combines the features of two vessels with very different operational requirements, an icebreaker and an ocean-going offshore vessel. Extensive laboratory model testing conducted at the Technical Research Center of Finland and the Helsinki University of Technology proved the success of the design.

The vessel features a large open after-deck similar to that found on offshore supply boats. This deck area has been strengthened to carry a variety of heavy equipment, such as for the laying and repairing of cables and for handling anchors and cargoes. In its Arctic icebreaker configuration the vessel has a 26.2- foot draft at 3,840 dwt and for offshore operations a draft of 27.6 feet at 4,725 dwt.

The ship's diesel-electric propulsion system is centered around a "father-son" main engine arrangement consisting of two Wartsila Vasa 16-V 32s and two Wartsila Vasa 12- V 32s for a total output of 21 MW, 28,600 hp. The engines power two of Aquamaster-Rauma, Ltd.'s largest stern azimuthing propeller units, each with a shaft power of 7.5 MW and giving the icebreaker a top speed of 16 knots and a bollard pull of 200 tons. The units provide the icebreakers with excellent steering characteristics in ice and open water.

For offshore work the vessel has three transverse bow thrusters and a dynamic positioning system from Simrad of Norway. Det norske Veritas has certified the ship as a tug, supply vessel and polar class 10 icebreaker.

Upon completion, the Ugland Group will utilize the multipurpose icebreakers in the North Sea or Arctic waters for approximately six months each year from the beginning of May. The vessels will act as supply and support vessels for oildrilling platforms, cable-laying and for other offshore work.

Both icebreakers will sail under the Finnish flag and be operated by Finnish crews. In the summer months, the crews will be supplemented by offshore operations experts employed by Ugland.

The Ugland Group is very much involved in engineering design work, as well as research and development for the oil and gas industries and navigation in general. The group has been closely linked to the development of Finland's multipurpose icebreaker program.

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