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Wichmann Diesel Buys Kenner, Louisiana Site As Base Of Operations

Wichmann Diesel, Inc. has announced the opening of offices at 2701 Delaware Avenue, Kenner, La. 70062, which serves as base for operations in the U.S., Canada and South America. The parent company, Wichmann Motorfabrikk A/S of Bergen, Norway, was founded in 1903. From a very modest family beginning, the factory has continually expanded and is now among the most modern in Norway.

During the first 30 years, the company produced two-stroke hot-bulb engines, changing over to diesel engines around 1935.

The present range of AX engines are available from 1,200 to 3,000 hp and are delivered for direct connection to the propeller shaft or in a geared version.

Wichmann engines are currently being installed in all manner of vessels, including supply vessels, ferries, fishing vessels and coastwise freighters, with many of them using the c-p propellers and nozzle supplied by Wichmann.

Wichmann Diesel type AX and AXG are single-acting, turbocharged two-stroke engines. The scavenging process is timed by inlet and outlet ports in the cylinder liners which eliminate valves in the cylinder head specified.

Fuel consumption is rated among the lowest in the industry.

The AX engine is designed especially for propulsion duty. Due to the relatively slow speed, 375 rpm, the engine is normally connected directly to the propeller shaft. Hydraulic disconnect clutch and servo mechanism for the controllable-pitch propeller are built-in at the rear of the engine.

The AXG engine has a slightly higher speed, 415 rpm, and is therefore supplied with reduction gear or with reverse/reduction gear for use with a fixed-pitch propeller.

Controllable-pitch propellers are supplied as standard equipment for both AX and AXG engines.

Wichmann Diesel AX and AXG are also suitable for twin engine installations. Full power take-off is available from the forward end of the engine.

Haldor A. Haldorsen, one of the five sons of the originator of the engine, moved from Norway to Louisiana with his family and is president of Wichmann Diesel, Inc. The service manager, Tormod H. Hansen, is also from the factory in Norway, with the balance of personnel recruited locally. These include J.B. Gremillion, vice president, John R.

Jenkins, sales manager, and Edwin A. Schmitz, project manager.

Combined, these men bring with them many years of experience in the marine diesel engine field. Patricia A. Thompson is secretary.

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