21 -Percent Increase In World Shipbuilding Output Reported

The latest world shipbuilding statistics published by Lloyd's Register (LR) show an increase of 2.3 million gross tons (gt) (21.3 percent) in new ship completions in 1989 from the previous year and up by almost 1 million gt from 1987.

The total o u t p u t in 1989 amounted to 13.2 million gt, while new orders reported placed in 1989 totaled 19.3 million gt—approximately 6.1 million gt more than the deliveries during the same period, according to LR's Annual Summary of Merchant Ships Completed during 1989.

A further, bigger increase in completions is projected for 1990 as a result of the recent big increase in new orders. Of the 31.1 million gt total order book at the end of 1989, 17.8 million gt was scheduled for delivery in 1990, representing an increase of 34.1 percent in output compared with 1989. In addition, some of the new orders placed in the first two months of 1990 and amounting to 5.7 million gt (provisional) are also scheduled for delivery in 1990.

Japan accounted for 40.5 percent of the total output in 1989, with South Korea in second place with 23.4 percent, compared with 37 and 29 percent, respectively, in 1988. In third position were People's Republic of China and Taiwan, followed by Yugoslavia, West Germany, Denmark and Italy.

In terms of tonnage, Japan's output totaled 5.4 million gt (up by 1.3 million gt). Of this, 2.2 million gt (40.2 percent) was ore and bulk carriers and 1.7 million gt (31.6 percent) oil tankers.

The tonnage delivered by South Korea fell by 73,000 gt to 3.1 million gt. Of the total, 2.2 million gt (72.4 percent) was oil tankers.

Worldwide, tankers represented 37.9 percent (unchanged) of all completions.

In terms of tonnage, the output increased by 882,000 gt to 5 million gt, of which 2.3 million gt (44.8 percent) was built in South Korea.

Bulk carrier output amounted to 3.9 million gt (up 1.6 million gt), representing 29.4 percent of the total.

Japan's contribution (2.2 million gt) accounted for 55.6 percent of this tonnage.

General cargo ship output fell by 715,000 gt to 1.2 million gt, while containership completions were down by 225,000 gt to 1.2 million gt- Liquefied gas and chemical tankers completed showed a significant increase, from 153,000 gt in 1988 to 653,000 gt in 1989.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 6,  May 1990

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