Deerberg Systems: Experts in Flow Management

Germany's Deerberg Systems has been a pioneer in the waste management sector, responsible for the creation of the Multi-Purpose-Waste-Management- System (MPWMS). Given the increasing political attention given towards clean seas, and the tremendous public backlash and financial ramifications for companies who pollute, organizations such as Deerberg are positioned to clean up in the marine market.

The complete MPWMS design is based on the pre-condition that the operator must be free in his decision to operate the complete system in a Non-Sorting or Sorting Mode from one moment to the other. All subsystems, such as shredder, silo, incinerator and de-ashing are able to handle all kinds of burnable and non-burnable waste. Glass, tins and metal cans as non-burnable waste, can pass through the system as well as all kinds of burnable waste, like plastic, paper, etc. On top of this, the Incineration System is able to handle high quantities of Sludge Oil and Food Waste with burn out results of 100 percent. The heart of the MPWMS, the unique design of the Incinerator, equipped with movable grate technology, facilitates this.

The advantages for the operator are the simple handling of waste, no manual sorting out, less manpower, low expenditure of work, disinfected, bacteria free sterile ash.

The complete system fulfils all international and national rules and regulations such as IMO. EPA, USDA, USCG USPHS as well as future rules for emissions.

This ensures that all world-wide receiving stations will accept disinfected, bacteria free and non smelling residuals.

Import of bacteria to foreign countries is excluded. Ash disposal to sea is also possible, because all plastic is burned 100 percent.

Another important development is the Deerberg Complete Green Ship Philosophy 21, which takes into account all emissions to sea, air and land, offering to the ship owner a total turn-key package of Waste Management following rigorously the Zero Discharge Ideals of the 21 st century.

This development has been rounded up by the introduction of Hepburn Bio Ship Care Products (HBSC), which replace the acids and chemical cleaning products used onboard ships by biologi- cal products. This new generation of totally biodegradable cleaning and technical products help to dramatically reduce the blockages, odors, and pollution levels.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 55,  Jul 2001

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