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16855 Northchase Drive
Houston, TX 77060
Telephone: (281) 877-6774
E-mail: [email protected]
CEO/President: Christopher J. Wiernicki

The Company:
ABS, a leading provider of classification services to the global maritime industry, is guided by its mission to promote security of life, property and the natural environment. The organization offers support during initial concept design, design approval, construction and throughout a vessel’s lifecycle. ABS is built on a commitment to providing great classification services, being a recognized leader for new technology development and assessment, and serving as a trusted technical advisor to the industry. These three pillars have formed the foundation for the success of ABS for more than 150 years, and, more importantly, position the organization to provide the practical solutions needed to weather current and future industry uncertainties. Today, ABS operates in 70 countries around the world, allowing for its truly global network of surveyors, engineers, and technical specialists to leverage their collective experience at the local level. Across North America, the company has a presence in nearly 40 offices, covering every major shipping hub across the continent. Over the past several years, this commitment to North America has included an expansion of operations in Canada, the development of services specifically geared toward Subchapter M compliance, and new services and products developed to support the growing North American gas industry. 
Primary Product/Service:
Classification is at the core of every product and service provided by ABS. The commitment to safety and environmental protection is in the DNA of the entire organization. The drive for innovation is leading ABS to redefine the role of class and proactively aide the maritime industry in solving its most pressing safety, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Beyond traditional classification, ABS offers a suite of technical services that help designers, builders, owners, and operators leverage the latest technologies and best practices in developing their projects. These services include:
  • EEDI Verification
  • Operational Profile Definition
  • Propulsion System Evaluation
  • Design Benchmarking
  • Ballast Water Management System Evaluations
  • Energy Saving Device Verification
  • Vessel General Permit Services
  • Techno-Economic Modeling
  • Optimum Trim guidance
  • Hydrodynamic Evaluation
  • Hull Form Optimization
  • EU-MRV Services
To help owners tackle the growing risks of cybersecurity in the maritime industry, ABS has launched the industry’s first risk-based management program to help owners and operators apply best practice approaches to cybersecurity. ABS CyberSafety can be applied from a single component or to a multi-system suite of assets and can be used with industry regulatory mechanisms to achieve a sustainable, measurable and secure asset condition.
The Case:
As a leading provider of global classification services, ABS is helping lead the North American maritime industry into the future by serving as a focal point of innovation. With cutting-edge services in safety, environmental stewardship, and regulatory compliance, ABS is working to develop the next generation of solutions, today.
(As published in the August 2016 MN100 edition of Marine News)
Marine News Magazine, page 8,  Aug 2016

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