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The Company:

The company provides marine organizations, boat builders and equipment manufacturers with relevant subject matter expertise plus an independent overview of how this sector is rapidly changing.  For OEM boat builders and equipment manufacturers, Shock Mitigation addresses strategic product development requirements regarding high speed craft, marine and special projects. The aim is to work with new and experienced clients to develop new technologies, products and processes relevant to the end user. For professional maritime organizations operating fast boats Shock Mitigation delivers expertise to increase efficiency, reduce injury and reduce the risk of damaging litigation. The objective is to maintain the operational performance of boats and equipment, while improving the overall approach to crew safety. Following the introduction of global emissions regulations in 2015 the company has developed ‘The Hour Of Power’ hybrid concept, combining diesel - battery - electric, which has the potential to reduce fuel consumption and vessel emissions across all maritime sectors worldwide. Shock Mitigation founded the RIB and High Speed Craft Directory as an open access online resource that brings together specialist boats, equipment and new technology for maritime professionals. RIB & HSC eNews and eArticle give insight to significant issues for the fast boat sector worldwide.
Primary Product / Service:
Shock Mitigation brings together market analysis, communication, training and specialist online resources that link manufacturers and international decision makers in the sub IMO sector (sub 80 feet / 24 meter). Consultancy and strategic product development services are delivered to provide rapid clarification of problems and to identify solutions to overcome them. Typical clients include the owners and operators of SME companies, established blue chip companies and venture capitalists seeking to enter new sectors. The company delivers accelerated knowledge transfer by conferences, workshops and specialist in-house events that are designed to engage with various groups. Relevant stakeholders include boat operators, boatbuilders, engine manufacturers, mechanical and electrical engineers, naval architects, the defense sector, government bodies and maritime legislators. Next generation solutions include the utilization of hybrid power and propulsion. The aim has been to identify the potential of various technologies for specific sectors. Viable solutions include combined diesel / electric / battery systems for workboats, wind farm support vessels, pilot boats, patrol craft, survey vessels, superyacht tenders and unmanned craft. During 2015 and 2016 Shock Mitigation brought together an international group of experts armed with the latest knowledge to assist the professional sector to develop optimal power and propulsion systems that reduce costs and increase efficiency for fast craft worldwide. ‘The Hour of Power’ is a simple and effective concept that could reduce fuel costs and emissions by around 20% in the professional maritime sector worldwide.
The Case:
Shock Mitigation combines next generation innovation with the delivery of practical solutions across various maritime sectors around the world. Specialist knowledge gained in government and professional sectors is utilized to create viable working practices that improve efficiency and reduce costs in the commercial sector. Shock Mitigation MD, John Haynes, won the prestigious Seawork award – Maritime Professional of the Year 2016.
24 Hurn Road
Christchurch, Dorset
United Kingdom BH23 2RN
Telephone: +44 7813 208222
CEO/President: John Haynes
(As published in the August 2016 MN100 edition of Marine News)
Marine News Magazine, page 86,  Aug 2016

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