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The Company:

The Patterson Company provides a full product line for an array of industries – from winches to ratchet turnbuckles to tensors and beyond. Every day, Patterson seeks out new ways to improve its products through innovative teamwork with customers and partners throughout every market sector they touch. Patterson’s winches, turnbuckles, and tensors are designed and manufactured with an eye toward innovation. 
The Product Line:
This year, the company that brought the inland towboat industry the patented YoYo Winch, now comes out with not one but two new, equally revolutionary products in the form of Patterson’s Thru-Deck Capstan and Right Angle Capstan. Just as the YoYo standardized safety and slowly eliminated the need for the ratchet when making barge connections, the Patterson Thru-Deck Capstan promises to keep inland firms up and running for years to come with little to no maintenance, minimizing downtime, all while saving money. The Patterson Right Angle Capstan was designed only after thorough evaluation of issues common with capstans: gearbox failures, oil leaks and moisture problems.
The Case:
The Patterson Manufacturing Company began operations in 1858 on the banks of the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh In the beginning, Patterson made just a few sizes of winches, but now offers winches with capacities from 20 tons to 90 tons and in three operating formats: manual, electrical, and hydraulic. For more than 100 years, Patterson has been designing, building and innovating for the North American shallow draft market, always listening and trying to understand better this market to provide safer, easier and faster products to service it.
870 Riversea Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Telephone: (412) 291-8064
CEO/President: David Grapes
(As published in the August 2016 MN100 edition of Marine News)
Marine News Magazine, page 77,  Aug 2016

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