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MTR 100: Turner Designs

Posted by Irina Tabakina

845 W Maude Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085   
T: 408-749-0994   
E: [email protected]   
CEO/President: James Crawford   
No. of Employees: 30   

NEW: FluoroSense, a small, handheld device which enables quick field sampling in the water stream.

Turner Designs provides optical-based solutions for environmental research and monitoring, water quality analysis, and pollution control analysis. Having a unique focus on fluorescence instrumentation for more than 40 years and customers throughout the world, Turner Designs is a leader in filter fluorometer design, manufacture and support.  
Turner Designs is known for providing rugged, reliable, stable instruments, offering submersible, field, handheld, laboratory, and online optical instrumentation varying in functionality, size, and price to fit any type of user need.
The Turner Designs applications team provides pre-sales support helping customers identify instrument requirements as well as post-sales support assisting with implementation. Its modular designs enable us to easily adapt instruments for custom applications and integrations. Its on-site manufacturing team with an average tenure of 20 years provides lead times as short as one week while still meeting our committed delivery dates over 98% of the time.
Turner Designs designs instruments focused not only on performance and reliability, but also cost.  With modular designs, it is able to use parts across several platforms, minimizing costs as well as lead times.  A prime example is its recently announced FluoroSense, a small, handheld device which enables quick field sampling in the water stream. This past year Turner Designs  also introduced Cyclops. Integrator, a small package which easily integrates into vehicles to provide up to three optic channels for detection of fluorescent materials or turbidity.  And the Ballast-Check 2 was launched to provide a small, simple handheld for quick indicative checks of ballast water.
Turner Designs provides numerous standard fluorescence configurations: in vivo and extracted chlorophyll; blue-green algal pigments such as phycocyanin and phycoerythrin; active fluorescence for determining yield; dissolved organic matter (algal as well as terrestrial); ammonium; optical brighteners and tryptophan for wastewater monitoring; dye tracers; crude and refined oils as well as infrared wavelengths used to detect turbidity. Custom optical configurations are also available. Package configurations include submersible, handheld, field, laboratory, online, and ready for integration into vehicles. In addition, two years ago we expanded our product family beyond fluorescence to include absorption and pCO2 sensors.

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