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MTR100: 2G Robotics

Posted by Irina Tabakina

680-B Davenport Road
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V2C3    T: 519-489-0005   
[email protected]   
CEO/President: Jason Gillham   
No. of Employees: 18 

2G Robotics was founded in 2007. The company designs and develops underwater laser scanners for subsea surveys and inspections. These innovative systems generate real-time 3D models of subsea structures and environments from which submillimeter measurements can be instantaneously and repeatably captured. The high resolution 3D models provide the precision and accuracy needed for detecting and assessing damage, developing design and repair plans, and performing maintenance and installations. 
The company has continued to expand since 2007 and has gained international prominence for its advanced subsea imaging and measurement technology. 2G Robotics is nearing a total of 50 systems built and deployed worldwide. The scanners have been used on all seven continents to inspect pipelines, mooring chains, jackets, I-tubes, water-supply tunnels, and coastal retaining walls; to facilitate spool metrology projects; and to provide detailed archaeological records of underwater historical sites.
Earlier this year, 2G Robotics solidified its international presence with the formation of a global sales and distribution partnership with Seatronics, an Acteon company. This partnership facilitates global access to 2G Robotics’ high resolution underwater laser scanners and provides the benefit of Seatronics’ expertise and global technical support.
2G Robotics is dedicated to using advanced research, development, and engineering for the innovation and production of cutting-edge solutions. The foundation of 2G Robotics is its wealth of engineering expertise in the development of reliable systems, which has led to the success of its underwater laser scanners. The 2G Robotics ULS product line currently consists of three models which operate at varying distances, the ULS-100 (short-range), ULS-200 (mid-range), and ULS-500 (long-range).
2G Robotics has developed an advanced calibration process for its systems. The laser scanner systems are factory calibrated and do not require any calibrations while deployed. To scan from moving platforms such as ROVs, AUVs, and vessels, the ULS-500 can be integrated with positioning systems. Mobile profile scanning is useful for applications with large or long scan areas such as kilometres of pipeline or long coastal retaining walls.

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