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MTR100: CM Lab Simulations

Posted by Irina Tabakina

645 Wellington, #301
Montreal    Quebec, Canada H3C 1T2   
T: 514-287-1166   
E: [email protected]   
CEO/President: Robert Weldon   
No. of Employees: 135   
Annual Sales: $7.5m

CM Labs is the developer of Vortex, a simulation platform that simulates the dynamics of virtual cranes, equipment, ROVs, AUVs, vessels, robotics, cable systems, tethers, and sonar. Vortex is found under the hood of many major maritime engineering and training applications today.   
For more than 15 years, CM Labs has provided simulation solutions and services to organizations around the world.  Through simulation, it helps to augment skills and reduce the risks of complex operations. With experience ranging from deep-sea to space projects, the CM Labs team features experts with decades of experience and wide-ranging backgrounds in training, vehicle dynamics, heavy equipment and robotics.
All CM Labs technologies and services are backed by our multidisciplinary staff, with PhDs and master’s degrees in the fields of virtual reality, engineering, computing, physics, and mathematics.
Through Vortex, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing. Vortex customers include FMC Technologies, Allseas Group, Subsea7, Oceaneering, Forum Energy, MARIN Institute, and more than 100 other leading organizations.
From Class A DNV ROV pilot simulators to drill deck simulators to crane simulators built to API, NORSOK, and OMHEC training guidelines, Vortex training solutions are used every day to prepare operators for the challenges offshore.
For EPIC projects, Vortex is used to virtually plan operations from the deck to the seabed—from lifting and rigging to tooling systems and asset deployment.
With Vortex, operations can be simulated, not just animated. This provides engineers with a complete understanding of equipment layout, functionality and control. It assures operational predictability, lower risk, and reduced commissioning time.
Operations modeling can be used to optimize existing projects, as well as new projects at the FEED stage. This includes the simulation of critical lifts, SURF installation, material handling, deck layouts, field visualization, and ROV operations.
Vortex provides engineering-quality real-time simulations that can be integrated with controls and systems design software to test and validate your equipment and procedures.
Vortex also simulates subsea hydrodynamics, cable systems, sonar, and other critical systems simulations and visualizations. Simulations run in a real-time environment that allows you to consider the impact of water currents, wind, and visual conditions. It provides a comprehensive simulation of equipment operations in situ and allows you to test in the virtual world what you can’t in the real world.

The MTR100 is Marine Technology Reporter's Annual report on 100 leading companies in the subsea industry, published in the July/August 2015 edition of MTR -

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