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5-95 Hines Road
Kanata, ON, Canada K2K 2M5
T: +1 (613) 599-8900
E: [email protected]
CEO/President: Greg Johnson
No. of Employees: 26


Since 1976, RBR Ltd. has been manufacturing high precision instruments for oceanographic, freshwater, groundwater and cryospheric research. Founded by Richard Brancker, the company is now run by a team of enthusiastic engineers and oceanographers and produces instruments calibrated to WOCE standards.deploy
RBR develops and markets submersible data loggers (sondes, recorders) for CTD, conductivity, temperature, depth (pressure), turbidity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP (RedOx), PAR measurements. RBR provides other sensors, thermistor chains (strings), tide gauges, and wave gauges to meet all your measurement requirements.  Our instruments are all built on a modular platform to permit rapid custom configuration.  All of our new generation single,dual and multi-channel loggers are based on a new architecture that incorporates more memory, more battery power, and faster data download.
Calibration equipment at RBR permits traceable calibration for oceanographic instruments including temperature to +/- 0.002 degrees, conductivity to +/- 0.003 mS/cm and pressure to +/- 0.01%. In house calibration of DO, pH, ORP (RedOx) and turbidity complement those for the fundamental physical measurements.
RBR also manufactures custom electronic instrumentation. This equipment ranges from adding customer-specified sensors to our precision data loggers, to remodeling research-specific equipment, to making completely new instruments.

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