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MTR100: EdgeTech

Posted by Irina Tabakina

4 Little Brook Rd   
West Wareham, MA 02576   
T: +1-508-291-0057
E: [email protected]   
CEO/President: R Jablonski
No. of Employees: 100


EdgeTech designs, manufactures, sells and supports a variety of standard and engineered-to-order underwater sonar systems including side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetric, combined and modular systems.  Additionally, EdgeTech provides USBL acoustic tracking and positioning systems, transponder beacons, deep sea acoustic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic releases, motion reference units (MRU), underwater acoustic command and control systems and custom-engineered acoustic products. Over the past year EdgeTech started manufacturing and shipping the new 4380 USBL beacon, added a magnetometer interface to the popular 4125 side scan sonar, introduced a new tri-frequency side scan sonar system for AUV, ROV and ASV platforms, and shipped numerous new 6205 Multi Phase Eco Sounders (MPES).

The MTR100 is Marine Technology Reporter's Annual report on 100 leading companies in the subsea industry, published in the July/August 2015 edition of MTR -

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