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MTR100: Saab Seaeye

Posted by Irina Tabakina

20 Brunel Way, Segensworth East
Fareham Hampshire, PO15 5SD
United Kingdom
T:  +44(0)1489 898 000
E: [email protected]
MD: Jon Robertson 


The Company
Saab Seaeye manufactures electric ROVs, including Saab’s range of tethered and hybrid underwater vehicle systems for both the defence and commercial markets.  The company has facilities in both the UK and Sweden and employs more than 250 people, with a turnover of around $90 million.  Exports stand at more than 80 percent of sales with the company represented and supported in 25 countries around the world, and has an office in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1986, more than 800 ROV systems have been sold, fitted with a range of standard and custom designed tooling and sensors that includes cameras, manipulators, survey sensors, cutters, tracking systems, sonars, torque tools and water jetting tools. The company also designs and manufactures a range of ROV handling devices including Tether Management Systems.

The Technology

Technologically, the Saab Seaeye range comes in various sizes, power and tasking options that extend from compact inspection ROVs to work ROVs and AUV/ROV hybrids. Recently introduced is the Seaeye Technology Toolbox concept that creates a common architecture resulting in the lowest number of parts at the least possible cost for the highest possible performance and quality. The Seaeye Technology Toolbox is important in the development of breakthrough concepts like the Intelligent Control System, iCONTM,  a vital innovation that makes every device within an underwater vehicle aware of its own status, predicts failure and takes action as necessary to keep the vehicle working. iCONTM also lets engineers reach across the world into the heart of a vehicle through an internet gateway that gives them ready access to diagnostics, software upgrades and system inventory.

The Range

•    Falcon – Portable ROV for easy deployment. Rated 300 and 1,000m.
•    Tiger - Inspection and observation ROV. Five thrusters. Rated 1,000m.
•    Lynx - Larger than the Tiger with additional outlets for survey sensors. Six thrusters. Rated 1,500m.
•    Cougar XT - Powerful observation and light work ROV. Six thrusters. Rated 2,000m.
•    Cougar XT Compact – Low profile version for strong currents. Six thrusters. Rated 300m.
•    Cougar XTi – iCONTMcontrol system. Six thrusters. Rated 3,000m.
•    Panther XT – Light Work and Survey ROV. Six thrusters. Rated 1,500m.
•    Panther XT Plus – Powerful fast swimming version. Ten thrusters. Rated 1,000m
•    Leopard – Compact, powerful, work class ROV. iCONTM control system. Eleven thrusters. Rated 3,000m plus.
•    Jaguar - Largest work ROV. iCONTM control system. Eight thrusters. Rated 3,000m with 6,000m option.
•    Sabertooth – Autonomous, hovering, long range AUV/ROV hybrid for inspection and light work tasks.


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