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MTR100: SeaView Systems, Inc.

Posted by Irina Tabakina

7275 Joy Road, Suite A
Dexter, MI 48130   
T: 734-426-8978   
E: [email protected]   
CEO/President: Matthew Cook   
No. of Employees: 7   
Annual Sales: $1m 

Seaview Systems (SVS) has developed a world-class tunnel inspection solution incorporating inertial navigation into an articulated ROV body.  The system merges several new technologies engineered by SVS including a distributed control topology (ROVbus) and an ultra-compact optical fiber multiplexer system. 
The ROV is capable of accessing tunnels through tight valves to inspect and geo-locate the tunnels for distances in excess of 20,000 feet. SeaView Systems was founded on experience in maritime electronics and Remotely Operated Vehicles.  Since beginning operations in 2003, its has built an extensive portfolio of more than 60 projects working in nine countries catering to various industries including hydro-electric; nuclear; salvage; oil and gas; municipalities (potable water and processed sewerage); pulp mills; mines; and military/police and science (NOAA and NASA).

The MTR100 is Marine Technology Reporter's Annual report on 100 leading companies in the subsea industry, published in the July/August 2015 edition of MTR -

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