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MTR100: SBG Systems

Posted by Irina Tabakina

3 bis Chemin de la Jonchère
Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-seine,
 France 92500   
T: +33 1 80 88 45 00   
E: [email protected]   
CEO    Thibault Bonnevie   
No. of Employees    25  

SBG Systems is a supplier of MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of inertial systems from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for Aerospace, Land, and especially Marine (surface and subsea) projects such as vessel motion monitoring, ROV and AUV control, Hydrography, and Buoy positioning. SBG Systems designs, manufactures, and calibrates all its products. SBG Systems adds value to its inertial systems by designing specific data fusion algorithms and calibration techniques to enhance sensors’ performance. SBG Systems offers compact and cost-effective: - Motion Reference Units, - Inertial Measurement Units, - and Inertial Navigation Systems. The new Ekinox series perfectly fits marine needs. It provides 0.05° Attitude, 5 cm Heave on four monitoring points, and 2 cm position (GNSS enhanced). It accepts aiding data from DVL, Dual Antenna GPS, USBL, etc. With additional NMEA protocol and Ethernet communication, Ekinox is appears as a cost-effective alternative solution to FOG technology for Marine applications. With its subsea enclosure, the Ekinox Subsea Series, released in February 2014, is operational up to 6,000m. SBG Systems has developed advanced testing and calibration techniques for bias, gain, linearity, misalignments, cross-axis, gyro-g over. Every product is intensively tested, temperature calibrated, and shipped with its individual calibration report. The company owns a full calibration lab including shakers and rotary tables with environmental chambers.
Since 2007 SBG Systems delivers high performance and cost-effective MEMS-based Motion Reference Unit (MRU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) to the Marine industry (50 percent of our turn over). Our products are mainly used in Offhore, Marine, and Underwater applications (Hydrography, USV, AUV and ROV navigation, Motion Monitoring, etc). In February 2015, SBG Systems released the Apogee Series, the most accurate inertial navigation systems based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology.   


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