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MTR100: Rowe Technologies

Posted by Irina Tabakina

Rowe Technologies Inc. (RTI), a customer-centric oceanographic company designs and manufactures innovative and robust Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers [ADCPs] and Doppler Velocity Logs [DVLs].  These are used for measuring currents, directional waves, and underwater navigation from shallow coastal environments to full ocean depths.  RTI provides the only dual frequency ADCP/DVL, the highest resolution velocity measurements (0.01 cm/s), and 12 independent profile configurations for these markets: the oceanographic, intercoastal waters, river waterways, renewable energy, Remote Operated Vehicles [ROVs] and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles [AUVs]. 

Tech Profile
RTI’s core team is centered on advanced electronic engineering and signal processing development, as well as acoustic transducer design and development of traditional and multi-frequency piston products and planar arrays. Our core competencies are:
•    Underwater Acoustics
•    Acoustic Imaging
•    Embedded Signal Processing
•    Advanced Electronic Design
•    Complex FPGA Design
•    Transducer Development and Manufacturing
•    Deep Ocean Design
RTI’s electronics platform for ADCPs and DVLs is unique in the industry.  The products have processing channel flexibility of up to 8 signal processing channels and high resolution velocity measurements.  RTI’s dual frequency instruments (offered in Piston and Planar Arrays) provide high-resolution near-field and long-range, low-resolution current velocity measurements on the market. RTI’s experience with this advanced electronics platform facilitates the development for state-of-art applications in underwater acoustic data collection.  RTI’s accurate positioning and surveillance instrumentation provides the latest and most innovative solutions in the ADCP/DVL industry.


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