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MTR100: INNOMAR Technologie GmbH

Posted by Irina Tabakina

Schutower Ringstr. 4
Rostock, MV, Germany D-18069   
T: +49 381 44079 0   
E: [email protected]   
MD: Sabine Mueller   
No. of Employees: 20

For about 20 years Innomar has provided high-resolution parametric sub-bottom profilers. The product line SES-2000 comprises SBPs for extremely shallow (less than 1m) to full ocean depth (11,000m) waters. Combined parametric SBP / dual-frequency sidescan sonar are available for shallow waters. Applications include the detection of fluid mud layers and sediment structures for dredging and geological surveys as well as searching embedded objects like cables, pipelines or archaeological artefacts. All data can be stored in industry standard formats. Optimized and user-friendly online and post-processing software is available. Innomar also develops underwater acoustic systems, electronics and software on customer’s request. Renting of equipment is possible, too.
Parametric acoustics provides narrow sound beams and wide acoustic band width as pre-requisite to achieve high-resolution results. It has more than 280 parametric sub-bottom profilers sold worldwide.

The MTR100 is Marine Technology Reporter's Annual report on 100 leading companies in the subsea industry, published in the July/August 2015 edition of MTR -

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