Stanford Research Awarded $271,000 For Firefighting Study

The Department of Commerce has announced the award of a $271,508, eleven-month contract to Stanford Research Institute of Menlo Park, Calif., to compare the cost effectiveness of various marine firefighting programs.

The Maritime Administration (MarAd) and the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, both agencies of the Department, will share the cost equally.

The purpose of the study is to enable the agencies to evaluate the impact of the National Marine Fire Protection Program proposed by Congressmen Edwin B.

Forsythe (New Jersey), Joel Pritchard (Washington), and Glenn M. Anderson (California).

The legislation would authorize the Secretary of Commerce to establish firefighting teams composed of members of local fire departments. These teams would be specially trained to provide emergency assistance in fighting marine fires and to train ships' crews and local firemen in shipboard firefighting techniques.

MarAd would have administrative control of the program, and the U.S. Coast Guard operational control.

Stanford Research Institute will compare the costs and benefits of Our Public Relof ions Department.

At Savannah Machine and Shipyard we don't have a fancy"Public Relations"crowd drumming up business for us.

Business comes to us because of the kind of guys in the picture. Workers.

The kind of workers who'll stick with a job until it's completely and totally finished.

Then take pride knowing their work will satisfy the ship's owner and the regulatory people.

Look, you know and we know that all shipyards have 50-ton cranes, drydocks, joiner and electrical shops, and stuff.

But it's the people behind the equipment who ultimately make you happy or teed-off with a yard.

Savannah Machine and Shipyard.

We do scheduled drydocking, voyage repairs, and major conversions. And we do them for less than the big-overhead yards.

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Add it all up. You'11 understand why we're getting a solid reputation as the nicest yard in the South. And that's all the"Public Relations"we need.

Savannah Machine and Shipyard Co.

P.O. Box 787, Savannah, Ga. 31402 Tele. (912) 233-6621 74 Trinity Place, Suite 1800 New York, N.Y. 10006,Tele. (212)432-0350 the proposed program with alternatives to determine the most effective, efficient, and economical way of improving marine fire protection.

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