Three Papers Presented At SNAME California Sections Annual Joint Meeting

Over 200 members and guests attended the recent annual California Sections joint meeting of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers at the Highlands Inn, Carmel, Calif.

The initial paper was presented by Douglas C. MacMillan, Fellow, SNAME, on "Improvements in the Ship Design Process." Mr.

MacMillan, formerly chief engineer of George G. Sharp, Inc., presented a compact summary of the design process study portion of the "Ship Producibility" research program.

Mr. MacMillan outlined various areas studied in a previously developed 150-page report carried out by the Quincy Shipbuilding Division, General Dynamics, and discussed those portions considered most likely to yield significant improvements, such as contract level design, consideration of sacrificing lightweight for producibility on ships not sensitive to deadweight limitations and improved methods for construction drawings and specifications.

Written comments on Mr. Mac- Millan's paper were presented by George A. Uberti, National Steel and Shipbuilding Company; Vincent Van Riper, American Bureau of Shipping, San Francisco; H.A.

(Packy) Schade, professor emeritus of naval architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Robert N. Herbert, naval architect; Henry Kozlowski, American President Lines, and H.P. (Bud) Stewart, consultant.

The second paper, "Propulsion Plant Standards," was presented by Alfred D. Isaacson, P.E., M.

Rosenblatt & Son, and authored jointly with Naresh M. Maniar, also of M. Rosenblatt & Son.

This paper outlined the technical feasibility, economic benefits and drawbacks possible in the implementation of standardized propulsion components for U.S.

commercial shipbuilding.

Considered for standardization were performance, dimensions, physical characteristics, packaging and software. The authors concluded that direct shipbuilding costs could be reduced by as much as 5 percent, in addition to reducing the overall construction time.

Written discussions on the paper were prepared by George F.

Henning, DeLaval, William A.

Hood, Joshua Hendy, and Charles S. Conklin, Poseidon Engineering.

The final paper, "Aspects of the National Shipbuilding Research Program Which Impact on Owners, Designers, Regulators and Suppliers," was presented by Louis D. Chirillo, R&D Program manager, Todd Shipyards Corporation, Seattle Division.

Mr. Chirillo outlined all the various facets examined by the National Shipbuilding Research Program in the general area of simplifying and improving ship production on a cost-sharing basis with the U.S. shipbuilding industry.

Included in his remarks were examples of technology introduced for the first time to the maritime area, improved procedures for communicating with regulatory bodies, and practical examples of development of standardized components and procedures.

W r i t t e n comments on Mr.

Chirillo's paper were presented by Robert L. Bass, Southwest Research Institute, John F. Kenefick, photogrammetrist, and John W. Reiter, American Bureau of Shipping.

The meeting additionally included a full social schedule in perfect weather.

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