SMR Introduces Inexpensive SSB Radio —Literature Available

Southern Marine Research, Inc.

(SMR), manufacturers of commercial grade marine electronics, have recently introduced a single sideband radio that is within the price range of the average boater who ventures into offshore waters.

The Sea Lab 6511, retailing at $649.95, allows the coastal boater the capabilities of constantly being in communication with the rest of the world. The SMR radio is said to be the least expensive SSB available today. Although the Sea Lab 6511 is priced as low as a quality VHF, there have been no sacrifices in quality or design features.

Solid state construction insures years of trouble-free operation and a high degree of reliability, the manufacturer states. An output of 65 watts provides communications capabilities over several hundred miles. Three factoryinstalled crystals (2182 kHz, the international distress frequency, 2638 and 2738, both ship-to-ship channels) are standard in the new SMR radio. The Sea Lab 6511 has the capacity for a total of 11 simplex or semi-duplex channels.

Backlighting of a plastic panel indicates the channel being used.

An indicator light also shows transmission is being made. A tuning clarifier allows the operator to fine-tune the radio for sharp and clear reception. Another unique design feature of the Sea Lab 6511 is the lack of an antennae coupler. This simplifies installation and reduces its cost.

The SMR single sideband may be console-mounted or installed overhead. A specially designed snap-off bracket allows the radio to be readily removed. Other features include an external speaker jack and a front-mounted microphone.

The Sea Lab 6511 features rugged construction for either commercial or recreational applications.

The SMR radio is a compact unit that weighs only 13 pounds.

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