MN 100: Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC

Posted by Nicole Ventimiglia

4350 62nd Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33556
Tel: (727) 954-3435   
Email: [email protected]
President & CEO: Robert L Stevens

The Company:
Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC offers ‘Battle Ready’ products with superior strength, high performance and extended life cycle. Each of TYM’s vessels is designed and engineered to be mission specific. Included in its portfolio are craft in the 9 to 11 meter length, engineered to provide economical and highly effective harbor and near shore defense and law enforcement solutions. TYM also offers several mid-size craft from 12 to 15 meters, designed to be aggressive, robust high performance craft engineered for interception, interdiction and take-down of high speed craft. TYM also offers larger size craft from 15m to 25m, which allow for over the horizon operations for extended duration. Include in the line-up are ‘surge team’ craft capable of operating in littoral waters, conducting amphibious landing in remote areas of operation and supporting force protection for amphibious assault groups.

The Case:
Incorporated in 2006, Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC (TYM) has seen consistent sales growth each and every year since. Based on the highly successful TEMPEST Fast Interceptor Craft, TYM has responded to the international terrorist threats worldwide, developing a full line of state of the art military and Para-military craft for coastal defense. The hallmark of Tampa Yacht Manufacturing is its ability to custom configure platforms to meet customer’s unique requirements. Re-investment into R&D allows TYM to offer high performing coastal defense systems at a low price.

(As published in the August 2014 edition of Marine News -

Marine News Magazine, page 73,  Aug 2014

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