June 15, 1976 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

Chesapeake Section Of SNAME Hears Paper On High Speed Ship Structural Dynamics

The Chesapeake Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers held its sixth meeting of the 1975-76 season at the Bethesda Naval Hospital Officers' Club at which a paper on high-speed-ship structural dynamics was presented.

Following a social hour and dinner, chairman Ronald Kiss opened the meeting by welcoming the approximately 80 members and guests and introducing Dr. R. Bhattacharyya of the U.S.

Naval Academy, who acted as moderator.

Dr. Bhattacharyya introduced Dr. Julio Giannotti of Payne, Inc., who presented the paper entitled "High Speed Ship Structural Dynamics: Practical Application to Design." One of the most important considerations in the development of rational structural design loads criteria for high-speed ships is the availability of techniques for predicting the magnitude, spatial distribution and frequency of occurrence of seaway induced loads. Equally important is the need for advanced structural analysis techniques in order to predict the response of the structure to these loads. The paper is an attempt to present as concisely as possible a methodology for predicting rationally the magnitude of the severe dynamic loads acting on advanced high-speed hulls as a result of wave impacts. The representation of the excitation or wave impact loads is discussed first, along with a discussion of the differences between overall and local loading considerations.

The next step is to briefly describe the methods for representing the overall structure and its components by means of finite element models. Finally, the finite element models are excited by the impact loads and pressures in order to predict the response of the overall hull and its components to the impact forces and pressures, respectively.

After the presentation, an interesting and extensive discussion period followed. Discussions were given by D. Wilson, F. Sellars, J. White, W. Buckley and J. Thomas.

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