March 15, 1977 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

CAI Introduces Obsolete Proof 24-Channel SSB

Communication Associates, Inc., has introduced a 125-watt SSB that has 24 preprogrammed channels that can be spread across the entire 2-18 mHz marine frequency range. The system is easy to reprogram, and because its 24 channels can be spread out or grouped in any band without restriction, it cannot be made obsolete by changing assignments and regulations.

The new SSB system—designated the SSB-125—is as compact as it is flexible. Its solid-state transceiver and 125-watt RF power amplifier/power supply are integrated into a single cabinet. An optional servo-tuned antenna coupler automatically and continuously fine-tunes the antenna to the exact operating frequency being used, and automatically compensates for above deck and weather changes and other interferences.

CAI's SSB-125 is readily expandable.

Its complement of 24 channels can be configured for a mixture of simplex and duplex frequencies. These options can be easily installed in the field when needed. A back-lighted, two-section window displays the channel selected and indicates simplex or semi-duplex programming.

The SSB-125 is also easy to operate. All you do is turn it on and select a preprogrammed channel.

There are no band selectors, tuning knobs, manual squelches or voice clarifiers. The 24 (or 12 semi-duplex) channels are preprogrammed for single sideband, pilot carrier or compatible AM.

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