March 15, 1977 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

CAI Loran A Receiver Is 'Instant Positioner' With Advanced Features

The Radio Navigation Product Group of Communication Associates, Inc. has introduced its CR- 20 Loran A receiver, which is called Instant PositionerĀ®. It offers fully automatic two-station acquisition, tracking, and simultaneous displays of two lines of position. It provides accurate fixes within 50 seconds.

CAI's Loran is simple to operate.

Just turn on the power switch and select the lines of position (LOPs) to be received.

In less than a minute the dual readouts are displayed. They are continually updated every seven seconds. The CR-20 has no gain controls, attenuators, level meters, drift controls, AFC or interference reducer switches. Signal acquisition, sweep synchronization, master and slave signal gain adjustments and noise filtering are all fully automatic.

The CAI "Instant Positioner" has special solid-state signalprocessing and averaging circuits that minimize atmospheric noise and radiation interference, and assure greater sensitivity and accuracy. The receiver also has simple manual controls for manual acquisition of skywaves and improved nighttime operation if ground waves are unavailable. It also has a memory circuit that locks-in the position at the touch of a button. When memory freeze is released, the continually updated LOPs are displayed.

The CR-20 Loran A has modular plug-in circuit boards and fully integrated circuitry for greater dependability and reduced maintenance costs. Optional accessories include compact remote dual display unit, specially tuned whip antenna and a-c power supply.

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