Bowditch Introduces New Navigation And Piloting Aid

Bowditch Navigation Systems recently announced the introduction of a new integrated navigation and piloting system, the Bowditch Navigator MK-II. The MK-II combines a powerful integrated navigation computer and a unique viewing screen that gives a "real time" display of position, projected directly onto a standard nautical chart.

The MK-II accepts inputs from all available navigational sources, including radio navigation aids (Loran, Satnav, Decca and Omega) and dead reckoning sensors (speed log and compass). Visual compass bearings and radar ranges can also be entered. The MK-II is designed to accept GPS (Global Positioning System) inputs when GPS becomes available in the late 1980s.

The MK-II computer compares and analyzes data from different sources and calculates best possible position.

The Bowditch system can be interfaced with most commercial radio navigation receivers, including Loran C, Satnav, Decca and Omega using a standard RS-232 cable. An internal high resolution Loran C receiver is available as an option.

The MK-II's unique chart display derives from a projection of an actual nautical chart, photographically reproduced in the form of a convenient Microchart. The charts are available for any Mercator charts in the DMA and NOAA inventories.

In addition to presenting a visual display of position, the MK-II Microchart greatly simplifies entry and retrieval of vital navigation information. Waypoints, hazard points and other 'event marks' can be entered quickly and easily by positioning the cursor over any point on the chart.

A two-line LED readout gives the operator instant access to data such as present position, course and speed made good, course-tosteer and distance to waypoint, time to turn, cross track error, set and drift, Loran signal geometry and other information. All operating and initialization procedures are automatically prompted with a series of simple "yes-or-no" questions on the LED readout with "cueing" lights on the keys.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 52,  Aug 15, 1984

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