PRC Announces Availability Of New Family Of Mercaptan Functional Polymers

Products Research & Chemical Corporation (PRC) recently announced the availability of a new family of mercaptan functional polymers called Permapol P-3. The mercaptan-terminated Permapol polymers were introduced to complement the hydroxy materials offered by the company.

According to Herbert W. McNulty, vice president-market development, Permapol Polymers, Permapol P875 is the first mercaptan-terminated polymer to join the growing family of Permapol P3 Polymers. This family now includes polyols used to make polyurethanes with resistance to hydrolysis and hydrocarbon fluids and P3 Polymers that do not have reactive end groups that are used as hydrocarbon-resistant plasticizers.

Mr. McNulty said that P875 is designed for use in room temperature curing high-performance sealants, adhesives and elastomers. As a component of epoxy-based fiexibilized adhesives, the Permapol structure imparts low-temperature flexibility and hydrocarbon fluid resistance.

P875 is said to be particularly suited for formulations where resistance to cold-flow or compression- set and improved low-temperature flexibility plus adhesion to difficult substrates is desired.

PRC also announced that it is erecting a grass roots plant in the Mohave Desert, Calif., to manufacture commercial quantities of Permapols.

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