New Products From Dahl Help Solve Diesel Fuel Problems In Cold Weather

The problem of handling diesel fuel in cold weather conditions often require several different solutions, depending on climatic conditions.

Dahl, the Ceres, Calif., fuel filter/ water separator manufacturer, has developed both a new heavy-duty in-line diesel fuel heater and an internal electric heater for its filter/ separators. With these two products, used either separately or in combination, Dahl engineers state they can attack the problems of keeping diesel fuel flowing freely in cold weather conditions.

The 75-AK In-Line Heater boasts of rugged stainless steel construction with excellent heat exchange properties. The heater can be mounted either in a horizontal or vertical position. Engine coolant is used as the heating medium. Generally, the engine coolant will be connected directly from the engine block to the heater for maximum efficiency. A shut-off valve is included to stop the flow of hot radiator fluid during warm weather. The heater is capable of handling engines up to 500 hp.

The 85-EK In-Filter Electric Heating Element is now available with the standard line of DAHL model 200 and 300 Filter/Separators.

It is a wafer type resistance controlled electric heating element that is installed between the filter cartridge and the bottom of the collection bowl. This allows for heating of the cartridge and the fuel around it, and is designed to eliminate fuel blockage due to waxing and icing.

The heating element has a printed circuit design and has the interesting characteristic of requiring less electric heating power automatically as the temperature increases, thus acting like a thermostat.

Dahl engineers state that at — 40° F the heating element takes about six amps and this reduces to about four amps at +10°F. In measurement tests, Dahl has found that it takes about five minutes to heat fuel from 0°F to +65°F. An illuminated switch is included for operation from the operator's cab.

Dahl engineers calculate that the electric heating element in the filter/ separator will take care of most cold weather operating conditions down to — 5°F for engine startup and operation. The inline fuel heater is needed where temperatures below this level are experienced during engine operation. The combination of both units will protect the fuel system in many cold weather operating conditions. The company recommends installation of both systems where a variety of cold weather operating conditions are found.

Dahl Manufacturing, Inc., has several hundred dealers and distributors throughout the United States.

Dahl is also represented in South America, Western Europe, Australia, and the Far East.

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