N e w Compact Thermocoil Diesel Fuel Heater From Racor

—Literature Offered The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin has introduced the Thermocoil™, a compact, selfregulating diesel fuel heater that can be installed in-line between the fuel tank and the primary filter.

In the Thermocoil, fuel flows along and around a coil heating element in a sealed chamber, achieving maximum heat exchange in the minimum amount of space. The Thermocoil heater incorporates polymer technology that makes it self-regulating, thus no thermostat is required.

Electricity is conducted between two bus wires running through the core of the heating coil. Heat is then generated when current flows between the wires, increasing the temperature and the electrical resistance of the core material.

This progressively reduces the current flow and, therefore, heat generation.

The Thermocoil has no moving parts. It is controlled by a switch installed in the dash or panel and, because it is an electrical device, no modifications to the cooling system are required.

The Thermocoil prevents power loss and stalls due to fuel waxing and assists in cold weather starts and operation in termperatures down to — 40°F (-40°C). Also, engines fitted with the Thermocoil heater can be operated on less expensive, higher BTU No. 2 diesel fuel all year.

A Thermocoil diesel heater along with the incab control switch can be installed in about one hour. The factory-assembled, pre-wired kit comes along with all the necessary hardware and installation instructions. An optional frame rail mounting bracket can be ordered to avoid any drilling or welding.

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