New Color Video Sounder From Raytheon Offers Advanced Multi-Screen Presentations

Raytheon's new JFV-200 Color Video Sounder offers a wide variety of advanced multi-screen presentations, including split-screen AScope and horizontal or vertical split-screens. New, U.S. made, high technology, dual-beam transducers produce exceptional target definition and bottom discrimination. Using a high-resolution (512 by 512 pixels), ultra-bright 14-inch CRT, and dual-frequency transmitters (200 kHz, 50 kHz, 38 kHz, 28 kHz), with 3-kw rms output, this new color video sounder gives fishermen the leading edge yet, according to Raytheon, costs less that others in its class The JFV 200 offers ultra-highefficiency dual-beam transducers with a combination of frequencies to maximize fish detection characteristics in the narrow-beam mode, and optimize bottom detail in its widebeam mode. To get this extra measure of clarity, operators simply flip the front-panel switch from narrow to wide-beam modes.

Raytheon and JRC have worked together with professional fishermen to develop the most effective, easy-to-use controls. Using the JFV- 200 unit's logical arrangement of rotary and keypad controls, fishermen can choose a wide selection of high-contract, vivid pictures that are easy to understand.

A choice of eight or 26 colors is available for video-sounding ranges to 5,000 feet, fathoms, or meters.

Temperature graph, bottom lock, VRM expand, bottom discrimination, midwater expansion, and AScope are a few of the displays available from the JFV-200. Combination displays, with up to four split- screens, can be presented simultaneously.

Each of the dual-frequency channels can be independently controlled for all functions.

Important navigational data is numerically displayed on-screen, including own vessel's position in lat/ long or TD's, boat speed, depth, water temperature, date and time.

Horizontal and vertical VRMs are standard. Distance and time marks are shown. Event data, including depth, water temperature, and hardness of bottom can be transferred and displayed on Raytheon's new companion NWU-53 Color Plotter, or remote monitors.

Raytheon offers all important CRT symbols, descriptions and menu setup instructions in multiple languages (English, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Icelandic) by plugin ROM.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 65,  Feb 1989

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