MarineLine Boosts C l e a r w a t e r ' s Profitability

Before Holland-based Clearwater Group's newbuild MT Coralwater, a 5,300-dwt chemical tanker, entered service in July of 1998, the vessel's cargo tanks were coated with MarineLine, the Siloxirane polymer-based anti-corrosion system developed and manufactured by Advanced Polymer Sciences, Inc. As a result, the number of revenue-earning voyages completed by the vessel is more than 40 percent greater than that of vessels treated with other coatings systems.

The Coralwater's substantial improvement in performance is primarily due to faster cleaning and drying of the cargo tanks, which provides for quick vessel turnaround and reloading after the discharge of cargo, such as methanol and nitrobenzene, as well as acetic acid, acrylonite, EDC, formaldehyde, aniline, and several other chemicals.

MarineLine is designed to be impermeable, with negligible absorption of cargo into the coating. The product also offers a smooth surface, which contributes to shorter tank washing and drying times.

"This means Coralwater is able to undertake 63 more sailing days per year" than vessels treated with other coatings, said Don Keehan, CEO and director of research at Advanced Polymer Coatings. "On the basis of a projected profit of 43,500 per day, multiplied by the extra 63 days of revenuegenerating service, this means $220,500 additional profit per year," he added.

The new series of Clearwater Group chemical tankers each have 10 cargo tanks and two slop tanks, representing a coating surface of 3,850 sq. m. Keehan noted that when this figure is related to the additional profit per year, Marine- Line generates an extra $57.27 a year, and emphasized that on larger ships, the profit earned is greater still.

As a result of Clearwater's positive experience with Coralwater, the company specified MarineLine as the tank coating to be used for two newbuilds delivered this year.

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