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Aquabotix Technology Corporation, developer of smart technology for ROVs, has helped to create a new breed of ROVs: the ROV/AUV hybrid. Its HydroView and newly launched Endura ROVs are remotely controlled via a tether with the added functionality of autopilot commands.

Endura, which employs the latest software and hardware innovations, has been engineered for dependability and functionality across a wide range of underwater applications. It outperforms other mini ROVs in thrust, dependability and software performance. Endura is easy to use, ready for the water in three minutes, and basic driver competency is developed in about three hours with professional proficiency achieved in three days. Endura is intelligent – a full computer is built inside the vehicle and auto controls are available in the software. Endura is high performance – with hydrodynamic design for ultimate control in the water and powered by high torque motors for up to 5 knots of thrust.
Aquabotix’ iPad and laptop applications are intuitive driving systems for underwater ROVs.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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