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MTR100: Subsea Global Solutions

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Global underwater maintenance and repair service provider Subsea Global Solutions LLC provides maintenance and inspection services as well as large equipment and weld repairs. From in-water surveys, propeller polishing and in-water hull cleaning, to complex class-approved permanent ship repairs (propellers, rudders, thrusters, shell plates, seals), Subsea Global Solutions is a global resource for vessel maintenance and repair diving services, delivering cost effective, efficient solutions in the water as opposed to dry dock The company also provides underwater marine construction services.

With a large wholly owned group of offices with vetted partners globally, Subsea Global Solutions is a corporation consisting of the assets and personnel of Miami Diver LLC, Miami Diver Panama, Miami Diver International, and Parker Diving Service LLC. With a dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair for ships and advanced the methodology used in underwater marine construction.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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