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Woods Hole Group addresses environmental problems worldwide focused on engineering and environmental challenges from the deep ocean, the coastal zone, and into wetland and terrestrial environments. The company has proven the ability to evolve and sustain a business incorporating marine technologies for more than 30 years.
Headquartered in Falmouth, Mass., Woods Hole Group has satellite offices in Dover, Del.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Houston, along with partners in 20 nations. Woods Hole Group focuses on water and sediments, and works in diverse environments from the deep ocean, through beaches and estuaries, and into wetlands, rivers and the terrestrial setting. Specialties include: coastal engineering and geology; numerical modeling; physical oceanography; real-time metocean rig, buoy and moored systems; field installation, operation and maintenance services; climate change vulnerability assessments and sustainability; and ecological risk/impact assessment and remediation planning. Expertise is applied to perform measurement programs for offshore energy, and operate port and harbor monitoring systems. The company also supports coastal infrastructure, including shore protection projects, dredging and dredged material management/disposal, site assessments, as well as remediation and habitat restoration including sustainable living shorelines.
Woods Hole Group focuses on applied ecology and sustainability; coastal sciences, engineering and planning; and oceanography and measurement systems. Ocean observations are at the heart of Woods Hole Group’s technology profile, including real-time data for safe and efficient marine operations. Teams design, build, deploy and operate meteorological/oceanographic buoys, moorings and platform-based systems. The WatchDog metocean system improves data quality and reduces maintenance costs. Woods Hole Group contracts with individual port operators and NOAA to measure water level, current speed, water quality and bridge air gap to ensure safe navigation and improve maritime commerce. Archived data provide the basis for engineering design criteria and scientific data analysis. Woods Hole Group has proprietary software to turn raw data into the information required by maritime decision-makers. As a turnkey engineering company for coastal infrastructure (beach nourishment, coastal structures, wetlands restoration and dredging), numerical models are applied to understand existing conditions and optimize engineering designs. Modeling technologies are offered for tidal current circulation and water quality, wave generation and transformation, sediment/contaminant transport and fate, and storm surge/sea level rise simulations. Water/sediment sampling and testing technologies also are applied to characterize ecological impacts and risks.
The group maintains metocean instrument and hardware equipment for lease; measurement systems testing and integration laboratory and facility; field sampling and testing equipment; machine shop and mooring/buoy assembly shop; and Beowulf networked computing cluster for high-performance parallel numerical simulations.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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