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DeepFlight has innovated a new class of personal submarines that apply the dynamics of flight underwater and incorporate advanced composite materials, significantly reducing the weight of its vehicles and removing the barriers to safe and easy operation of personal submarines.
DeepFlight is a privately held company that was founded to develop innovative technologies to expand human access into the oceans. The company has made significant technological breakthroughs, including creating a new class of personal submarines that apply the principles of flight underwater. In 2012, the company transitioned from a R&D organization to focus on commercializing its series of personal submarines for the adventure tourism, superyacht and recreation industries. The company has introduced six generations of the DeepFlight submarines. Its newest models are Super Falcon and DeepFlight Dragon. Super Falcon uses a patented inverted wing design to dive, and Dragon uses a patent-pending quad copter design. DeepFlight submarines have been used for science and exploration, and the company is now preparing to offer DeepFlight dive experiences to resort guests at various locations around the world.
DeepFlight has completely redesigned the concept of a personal submarine through its innovative use of composite materials, and by applying the principles and dynamics of flight underwater. The use of composites has allowed the company to build submarines that are lighter weight than all conventional submarines, enabling easy beach and shore launches. The flight characteristics ensure that DeepFlight submarines offer greater speed, longer range and unprecedented maneuverability. Additionally, all DeepFlight craft are permanently positively buoyant, offering the unique safety advantage of automatic return to surface. Whereas, all conventional submarines operate using a variable ballast system, DeepFlight submarines use the principles and dynamics of flight.  In 2016, DeepFlight entered into a working relationship with Lloyd’s Register (LR) to certify DeepFlight personal submarines in accordance with LR’s Rules for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Diving Systems. DeepFlight submarines will be the first composite-hulled personal submarines to undergo certification.
1160 Brickyard Cove Road #B17, 
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: 4157179729
CEO/President: Adam Wright
Number of Employees: 8
Vice President: Robert Chamberlain
Sales Manager: Robert Chamberlain
Engineering Director: Adam Wright

(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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