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MTR100: OceanGate, Inc.

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OceanGate Inc. provides subsea manned submersible services for industry, research and exploration. Its five-man submersibles are geared for site survey and inspection, research and data collection, film and media production, and as deep sea testing platform for hardware and software. Since 2009, OceanGate has served the marine subsea market with manned submersible solutions developed from innovations in engineering, material science and technology. The company’s fleet of untethered, self-contained manned submersibles enables teams of experts to collaborate at depths of 500 meters while performing a variety of industrial projects, scientific research, film projects, and exploration tasks. The maximum depth of these projects will extend to 4,000m with the debut of Cyclops 2 scheduled for 2017. OceanGate’s team of professionals brings expertise in multiple disciplines including submersible operations around the globe, marine engineering, and oceanography – along with a proven track record of safe, successful expeditions – including diving in three oceans with the same team and same submersible in a 30-day period.

OceanGate has made a significant investment in the research, development and manufacturing of a new class of manned submersibles to serve the evolving commercial, research and exploration markets. In 2016, OceanGate began developing Cyclops 2, the first of its 4,000-m capable manned submersibles to provide access to more than 50% of the ocean’s resources. The construction of Cyclops 2 is currently underway, with the submersible scheduled to debut in 2017. Aboard Cyclops class submersibles is technology provided by strategic partners iXblue and Teledyne Blueview. iXblue recently provided its PHINS inertial navigation system for underwater navigation and positioning during OceanGate’s recent Andrea Doria Survey Expedition. Teledyne Blueview provided multi-beam sonar hardware and software for capturing detailed, close-up sonar images of the iconic shipwreck. OceanGate has also developed a Mobile Subsea Launch and Recovery System (MSLARS) for delivering, launching and recovering manned submersibles.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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