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MTR100: Fugro

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Dutch geotechnical, survey, subsea, and geoscience services firm Fugro creates value by acquiring earth and asset integrity data, managing the data and providing associated consulting and advisory services. The company provides essential data, intelligence and solutions for the design, construction, installation, operation and eventual decommissioning of projects. Fugro also provides mapping and natural resources exploration services. Providing the people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of our world’s natural resources, Fugro also offers the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain structures and infrastructures in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. As an independent services provider Fugro’s aim is to de-risk major investment decisions. Its services are specifically designed to support engineering design and large structure building projects and they include the provision of information and advice about the best way to locate and build foundations of production platforms, wind farms, large buildings and infrastructures, as well as how to strengthen levees. The company also undertakes related inspection, maintenance, repair installation and light construction support services. Fugro’s services are mostly provided locally and are supported by a global knowledge base and resource pool of experience personnel. Fugro is familiar with working in locations around the globe in varying operating environments, which require a wide range of services. To provide comprehensive support, the company operates a large, regionally organized, global network of offices and facilities. Fugro strives to achieve strong market positioning based on technologies that are mostly developed in house, high-value services and strong international or regional presence. With a sharper-than-ever focus on the offshore oil and gas industry’s requirements for cost efficiency, safety and ease of operation, Fugro continues to invest in new technological developments. Its range of pioneering initiatives includes innovations such as OARS, Subsea LiDAR, 3Direct, Fugro Roames, NorthStar and Echoscope Sonar.
  • OARS provides remote monitoring through globally distributed, centralized command centers that are manned 24/7 by Fugro’s qualified surveyors, with direct access to offshore survey projects. OARS potentially eliminates the need for onboard surveyors, optimizing project crewing, safety and efficiency.
  • Subsea LiDAR collects detailed and accurate three-dimensional point clouds of complex subsea components using non-contact, laser technology.
  • 3Direct provides accurate and continuous hands-off positioning through video stream tracking of 3D structures to enhance safety and operational control during lifting and lowering operations. 
  • Fugro Roames reliably simulates and predicts how assets and environments will change over time, enabling significant optimization of IRM programs and the safer utilization of infrastructure.
  • NorthStar is a wide range of forecasting and monitoring techniques in one Fugro service, supporting floating asset integrity management.
  • Echoscope Sonar is an advanced multibeam echosounder that can provide a wide area, real-time visualization of subsea operations in zero visibility.

Veurse Achterweg 10, Leidschendam, 
Netherlands 2264 SG
Phone: +31 (0)70 311 1422
CEO/President: Paul van Riel
Number of Employees: 12,000
Annual Sales: $2,667,000,000.00
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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