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Turner Designs provides innovative optical-based solutions for environmental research and monitoring, water quality analysis and pollution control analysis. Having a unique focus on fluorescence instrumentation for over 40 years and customers throughout the world, Turner Designs is a leader in filter fluorometer design, manufacture and support. Turner Designs offers submersible, field, handheld, laboratory and online optical instrumentation varying in functionality, size and price.

Turner Designs develops instruments to address changes in the environment. Harmful Algal Blooms garner tremendous scientific focus as their negative effect on communities and their economies increase. In response, Turner Designs is introducing CyanoFluor providing PC/Chlorophyll ratios in a portable package, Enviro-T2 for inline monitoring of cyanobacteria, and FluoroSense for quick field measurements of phycocyanin, a marker pigment for cyanobacteria. CyanoFluor is a field instrument which, in a single cuvette, quickly performs ratio calculations between phycocyanin (PC) and Chlorophyll providing information for identifying cyanobacteria, a primary HAB-forming group of algae. Offering a simpler, quicker measurement is the handheld PC FluoroSense which, when dipped in water, quantifies the amount of PC with a push of a button. In addition to these tools, Turner Designs introduced Enviro-T2 for inline monitoring of cyanobacteria in water treatment plants.    
CEO/President: James Crawford
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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