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INNOMAR Technologie GmbH has been in the business of developing and manufacturing efficient underwater acoustic systems for about 20 years. Having sold some 300 sold systems, INNOMAR claims a place as a market leader in parametric sub-bottom profilers.

INNOMAR mainly develops and manufactures high-resolution parametric sub-bottom profilers. This technology provides sub-bottom data at excellent vertical and horizontal resolution for various applications like geological surveys, burial-of-depth surveys for buried pipelines or cables or UXO surveys at offshore construction sites.

The company’s main product line is the INNOMAR SES-2000 series of parametric sub-bottom profilers with echo-sounder functionality for water depths from less than one meter up to full ocean depth. All data are recorded digitally, but analogue outputs are available, too. Transmit pulse properties can be adjusted by a user-friendly data acquisition and control software to fit specific survey requirements. Optimized user-friendly post-processing software is available as well. Transducers are available for hull-mounting or over-the-side mounting to fit specific user requirements. The narrow-beam INNOMAR sub-bottom profilers are suited for exploring the sub-seafloor at high resolution with a sediment penetration of up to 150m. Applications include mapping of fluid mud layers and sediment structures for dredging and geological surveys as well as searching and mapping buried pipelines/cables or archaeological artifacts. There are two models incorporating a narrow-beam parametric SBP (4-15kHz; 100kHz) and a dual-channel side scan sonar (250, 410, 600kHz) for simultaneous operation.

New developments include a multi-transducer SBP providing high data density suitable for 3D visualization, a towed SBP and a survey catamaran (USV) for remote operation in protected or extremely shallow areas. INNOMAR’s quality management has been certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 since January 2000.

(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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