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MTR100: SEAMOR Marine Ltd

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SEAMOR Marine Ltd., a self-described up-and-coming ROV company, is on the cutting edge of observation class vehicles. Now celebrating its 10th year in business, SEAMOR designs, manufactures and distributes subsea observation and inspection-class ROVs and a range of modular accessories and related devices.
SEAMOR ROVs are designed to maximize the adaptability, portability, reliability and ease of use. The modular, open-frame layout allows for ease of access into the “guts” of the vehicle, which also aids in the integration of equipment such as the SEAMOR 7 function manipulator system (7 H-Arm), tooling, navigational aids and inspection sensors. 
The Canada based company continues to deliver vehicles to clients around the world, with vehicles in use in every major body of water globally. SEAMOR has recently undergone expansion in the European market, and has further its ties with China, particularly in the hydro dam and energy sectors. SEAMOR ROVs have been used for some major archaeological discoveries in the past year, including a landmark research trip to Malta to investigate a sunken ship with historical cargo on board. Also, an older model vehicle was used to uncover a sunken Japanese World War II submarine off the coast of Nagasaki.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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