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MTR100: Seafloor Systems, Inc.

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Formed in 1999 by veteran U.S. Navy Hydrographer John Tamplin, Seafloor Systems provides a full spectrum of hydrographic survey equipment, software, personnel, training and support, specializing in the geophysical sector for survey companies worldwide. The firm designs and manufactures the HydroLite portable hydrographic survey system, the HyDrone-ASVand EchoBoat-ASV autonomously and remotely controlled survey platforms for unmanned hydrographic survey applications, and maintains the largest rental pool of multibeam echosounder equipment in the U.S.

Seafloor Systems provides custom hydrographic survey solutions, integrating multibeam echosounder systems and state-of-the art positioning and orientation systems into a complete, turnkey product. Its EchoBoat-ASV is an extremely capable unmanned surface vehicle designed for larger payload applications such as dual-frequency and multibeam echosounders as well as ADCP and side scan sonar systems. It features a large, dry internal compartment, dual, water-cooled DC motors, and a multi-purpose, multiple antenna mast. The HyDrone-ASV is a multi-payload, autonomously controlled survey catamaran platform featuring portability, improved thrust, and large payload capacity. The vehicle can be monitored while under way, in both Auto and Manual modes, while within line-of-sight range.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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