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MTR100: Flydog Solutions LLC

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Flydog Solutions LLC was founded in 2007 as hardware design and product development company in Tallinn, Estonia. During the years, Flydog has carried out and delivered many interdisciplinary projects involving mechanics, industrial design, electronics, HMI, engineering and prototyping, all of which has played a part in shaping the company’s understanding of and growth within the manufacturing and operational phase of the marine industry. Flydog’s main hardware product line includes data buoys, vertical profiler buoys, submersed profilers and custom data-loggers. The company has a resourceful network of collaborators from engineering, design, and academic areas for fast, flexible and result-oriented project setup and delivery. Its Data Buoy is fully customizable in design and size for any project. The company’s Profiler Buoy is equipped with an onboard winch that moves the CTD up and down to collect data from the full range of the vertical water column. For tougher environment conditions choose our Submersed Profiler that is sank to the bottom of the sea safe from the waves and storms on the surface. Flydog Marine compliments its hardware solutions with a custom data-logger and software which simplifies the process of controlling, configuring and retrieving data.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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